Blockchain as a Service

Topl’s Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) offerings are uniquely suited to solve many of the  problems with current supply chain management and certification methods. We fill the gaps damaged by trust and drastically cut operational costs by simplifying certification processes.

Why Blockchain as a service?


 With Topl, you have full traceability of your products, including granular detail and preciseness, rather than unreliable certifications or isolated databases.


By using an open blockchain solution, you can access information about specific products at any point in the supply chain and provide others not only reports of ESG claims, but tangible proof of them.


With a provably secure solution like the Topl Blockchain, the security of your information is reliable. This removes the fear of data loss or manipulation and reduces the amount of expensive and time-consuming errors or breaches.


Our technology is more energy efficient and lightweight than other solutions, making the Topl Blockchain accessible even from simple devices and requiring fewer resources to maintain.

Our Offering

BAAS Standard

For customers that already have digital traceability platforms or tracking devices, our standard BaaS offering allows for the seamless connection of your solution to the Topl Blockchain through a suite of hosted tools and services.


For customers that need a digital traceability platform as well as blockchain integration, BaaS+ gives customers everything in our BaaS offering plus a custom built, all inclusive, and user-friendly application integrated with the Topl Blockchain.

The following price matrix reflects our Beta offering.
Price and offering subject to change based on Beta findings and research.



Small-scale initiatives and startups with potential for growth

  • Free access to testing network

  • Single-user access control

  • Community support

  • 20,000 daily API call limit




Mid-market challengers and clients with existing platforms

  • Free access to testing network

  • Multi-user access control

  • Direct customer support

  • 100,000 daily API call limit




Market leaders and enterprise clients with existing platforms

  • Free access to testing network

  • Advanced multi-user access

  • 24 hour response time on direct customer support

  • 1,000,000 daily API call limit

  • Transaction Credit Discount: 15%


Price Upon Request

Custom built Sustainability Solution in addition to the tooling provided in the BaaS offer

  • Contract for custom, all-inclusive development and deployment

  • Same day direct customer support

  • Pricing dependent on size and scope, provided upon request

  • Transaction Credit Discount determined by quote

What is a full stack Offering?

Every blockchain solution depends on the underlying blockchain network and the hosted services and tooling upon which consumer-facing applications are built.

Many other "blockchain solutions" are merely applications built atop another companies' blockchain network, meaning they have little control over the infrastructure used to track and trace goods. Topl is one of very few groups building each of these layers, including the blockchain protocol itself, for the specific purpose of proving your impact.

Some of Our Customers