Roadmap & Timeline

We’re proud of our achievements in both business and technology. From winning competitions and joining accelerators, to launching our core technology, Topl’s accomplishments have built momentum that continues to carry us forward.

  1. First testnet of Topl blockchain

    Topl’s testnet is a space for our tech team to test experimental developments, cutting edge features.
    calanderJuly 2017
  2. Invited to the Netherlands for Brightlands Techruption

    Topl earned a spot in Brightland’s Techruption program, an incubator focused on innovations in blockchain, artificial intelligence and climate change.
    calanderAugust 2017
  3. Non-equity investment from ​​Iconic Lab to accelerate development

    Topl recieved 300,000 Euros in non-equity funding from Iconic Lab, allowing us to expand our team and extend our runway.
    calanderJan 2018
  4. 2nd place at SXSW pitch competition

    The SXSW Pitch showcases innovative new technology to a panel of industry experts, high-profile media professionals, venture capitalists, and angel investors.
    calanderMarch 2018
  5. Accepted into Capital Factory accelerator

    Capital Factory’s Accelerator helps startups raise funding and increase customer growth by providing co-working space, startup evangelists to advocate for your startup, and access to a mentor network of the top investors and entrepreneurs in Texas.
    calanderJune 2018
  6. Topl is invited to participate in the biannual Impact 2030 Summit @ UN Headquarters

    The Impact 2030 Summit outlined new mechanisms to collaborate and explored best practices to disrupt our ways of thinking and collaborate towards the 2030 SDGs.
    calanderAugust 2018
  7. 1st place at Open Houston

    Open Houston works to advance Houston's entrepreneurship and innovation communities. Topl won $10,000, gaining visibility and connections within Houston.
    calanderOctober 2018
  8. Launch of Fairfood pilot

    This project tracks the production of Nutmeg in Indonesia and it’s movement to the Netherlands. It is ​​the first element on our blockchain.
    calanderNovember 2018
  9. Mainnet launched and first value moved

    The launch of the Mainnet allowed Fairfood to initiate transactions on our blockchain and exchange assets.
    calanderDecember 2018
  10. Accepted into MassChallenge

    MassChallenge is one of the best accelerators in the country, focused on strengthening global innovation by accelerating high-potential startups for zero-equity taken.
    calanderMay 2019
  11. GreenEnsys partnership

    Topl ​​becomes Green Enesys’s exclusive technology partner as it moves to enter the carbon offset and renewable energy credit markets. Green Enesys has more than 40 operations across 9 countries.
    calanderJune 2019


As we look into the year ahead, we’ve set goals for our business, technology, and infrastructure. Stay tuned as we’ll be announcing our goals and progress towards them right here!