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Conflict Free Diamonds



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January 2020

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Topl's Precious Gems and Metals application serves as a traceability platform that allows mines, distributors, and retailers to securely and efficiently capture and highlight the full ethical and sustainable journeys of their products, from mine to marriage.

"Businesses making ethical or ecofriendly claims without the ability to substantiate them are likely to be viewed increasingly cynically by younger generations. "

-DeBeers Diamond Insight Report, 2018.

LuDeim is an innovative and technology-driven diamond broker formed in partnership with one of South Africa's largest independent mining group. LuDeim seeks to enable jewelers to purchase high quality, ethical diamonds directly from South African mines. They have partnered with Topl to allow for the stories behind their diamonds to be fully traceable, verifiable, and transparent. This fifth C (in addition to cut, clarity, color and carat) is the diamond's chronicle, the unique differentiator for LuDeim, enabling their stones to be sold to consumers at a premium.

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