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​​Topl Blockchain, Application Development

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Catena is a B2B platform with the goal of fostering economic development through cost and risk reduction paired with transparency. Thier tamper-proof digital identities enable transparency and allow P2P market creation and investment as well as decentralized enforcement of good governance and ethical business practices.

The Problem

No Transparency
  • Lack of trust and accountability between farmers and input providers hinders effective business practices for both.
Limited Investments
  • With no reliable system in place, Zambia’s agriculture business has little opportunity for growth and development.
High Rate of Poverty
  • A broken agricultural industry has resulted in most of the population classified as impoverished and/or starving (with no solution in sight).

The Solution

The Topl blockchain helps Catena achieve their mission to empower rural communities with a state-of-the art business platform combining financial inclusion with the flexibility and real-time accountability of blockchain technology.

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