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Using Blockchain Verifications to Support a Cold Chain for COVID-19 Tests and More


Media Sourcery, Inc. & Varcode

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POWered by topl Since

Topl Core Highlights

  • The Topl Blockchain can transform supply chains by improving trust, granularity of data, transparency, record keeping, and security.
  • Sensitive assets may require special conditions. The Topl Blockchain can be used to prove that these conditions have been met for all of an asset’s life.
  • The Topl Blockchain has been precisely designed to track the data needed to obtain certifications and prove ESG practices.

Topl Origin Story and Mission

  • Rice University graduates Kim Raath, Chris Georgen, and James Aman founded Topl in 2017. The founders combine a strong multidisciplinary academic background. Chris and James have several years of expertise in blockchain. Kim comes from an ethical mining and sustainable agricultural background from growing up in South Africa.
  • Topl is an impact technology economy that enables digital and sustainable transformation across value chains and empowers the monetization of impact verified on the Topl Blockchain.

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