Why the Topl Blockchain?

The way people do business has been changing. Companies have been evolving to track shifting consumer priorities, digital advances, and local and global needs. ESG has risen. Supply chains have transformed. Finance has graduated from the paper bill and ledger. Increasingly, positive impact has become good business. 

Blockchain allows organizations to take advantage of these ongoing changes. It can magnify and monetize impact. It can rewire businesses, equipping them with new capabilities, new tools. Further, the right blockchain can even revolutionize the business of impact. 

Broadly and across industries, blockchain is a disruptive-yet-constructive force that shepherds companies into our new era of transacting. It can provide the base layer for better, fairer, more inclusive economies providing pathways for addressing today’s ethical and sustainability concerns. Its distributed, immutable ledger empowers businesses to keep records, provide proof, maximize impact, and wield existing technology in more efficient and new ways. 

For instance, blockchain can open digital carbon markets, unlock lines of credit for farmers in developing countries, and help safeguard sensitive medical supply chains.

So, why Blockchain? Blockchain catalyzes the digital and sustainable transformation needed for companies to have positive impact while doing business today. And by changing business and impact, blockchain changes everything. 

Data Sovereignty

Blockchain-powered applications let you own and control your data, with no intermediary. At last, your data can truly be your own.

Immutable Records

Blockchain records are immutable, meaning they can’t be changed. Because records are set forever, commitments made by organizations are fully visible and can’t be altered to mask poor practices.

Globally Connected

Everyday people should control the internet. Blockchain lets people from across the world connect and support a network, without monopolies or governments censoring data or seizing control. 

Strong Foundation

Blockchains work best with other technologies. Rather than replicating other technologies, blockchain can underpin many different technologies with a common infrastructure — unlocking greater connectivity and interoperability across value chains.

What is Topl? 

Founded in 2017 by Kim Raath, James Aman, and Chris Georgen, Topl has built the very first blockchain designed for impact. 

Now, Topl is building an impact technology economy that enables digital and sustainable transformation across value chains and empowers the monetization of impact verified on the Topl Blockchain.  

What is Topl? Topl is an impact-focused, ESG-first company that helps corporations track, tokenize, and transact positive impact. Topl is the world's premiere impact monetization engine.

You change the world. We prove it.

How to Interact with the Topl Blockchain?

Topl has created Torus to simplify using our blockchain. Torus is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) product that connects users to the Topl Blockchain through a developer-friendly API. Topl has several tiers of BaaS offerings. 

We want developers to have the ability to easily integrate our blockchain network into desktop, web, and mobile applications. So, we have paired our API offering with software development kits (SDKs) written for the most common web development frameworks. Thanks to our diligent tech team, interacting with the Topl Blockchain is seamless. 

What Is Ledger Logic?

Ledger Logic is an umbrella term referring to complex functionality that the Topl Blockchain enables. This includes smart assets, chain programs, and extended-UTxOs. 

On the Topl Blockchain, smart assets can be defined by users at a blockchain level, effectively creating a digital twin of a real-world asset like diamonds on the Topl Blockchain. These assets (or more precisely, their twins) can then be transferred and tracked on the blockchain as tokens. Creating these digital twins directly on-chain rather than via smart contracts saves a step and promotes efficiency.

When creating these tokens, users specify by category to create the smart asset they want from a robust library of tokens. For instance, if a user wants to create NFTs, they specify NFT, and the resulting token will inherit all the characteristics of the smart asset selected. Asset specification data is stored through coordination programs, a special type of chain program. Chain programs can be thought of as the Topl Blockchain’s version of smart contracts. 

The ledger logic umbrella also includes extended-UTxOs, programs that act like sophisticated locks. Once specific conditions agreed upon by all parties are met, an extended-UTX executes. Extended-UTxOs differ from smart contracts in that they pair with specific assets as opposed to general pieces of logic. 

The purpose of ledger logic is to expand functionality and possibilities. The Topl Blockchain does so by creating an ecosystem of digital assets that closely resembles assets of the physical world. The result? Users can do more — and from the beginning. 

Security and Carbon Footprint.

Topl has developed a proof-of-stake protocol that guarantees Nakamoto-consensus-level security, making for a completely secure blockchain that uses 10 million times less energy than early blockchains. How? By building on a substantial research foundation of cryptography and distributed consensus and employing tech developed by the Topl team. 

Rather than a weighty proof-of-work protocol, the Topl Blockchain uses a lighter and unique proof-of-stake consensus protocol called Taktikos. Derived from the Ouroboros family of PoS consensus, Taktikos introduces the novel concept of Local Dynamic Difficulty, which through regularized block production leads to greater security guarantees and increased transaction throughput. The result? Top-of-the-line security and energy efficiency. 

Topl’s minimal carbon footprint reflects our focus on positive impact. On a planet now imperiled by humans’ consumption of energy, businesses can counter this escalating peril, feel good, and honor ESG promises by using the Topl Blockchain.   

You change the world. We prove it.
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