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Across industries and borders, the Topl Blockchain is revolutionizing commerce. The Topl Blockchain can integrate with and augment existing tech stacks and unlock wholly new possibilities, giving companies the tools to thrive in our digital and sustainable age.


Despite the countless tech advances since agricultures origin, the early links of our food supply chain remain paramount to civilization. And yet, the farm-to-fork line is often far-reaching and obscure. Across the world, farmers face diverse sets of challenges. One of these challenges is that third-party intermediaries often take a disproportionate share of profits.  

More broadly, the agricultural supply chain is vast and varied. Many crops and wild-caught foods begin in places with limited food safety and traceability standards. The Topl Blockchain can turn these far-reaching, opaque supply chains more transparent — illuminating farm origins, ensuring that farmers receive fair pay. 

The Dutch NGO Fairfood uses the Topl Blockchain to power a SaaS platform that tracks foods from the farm. The consumer can scan a QR code, peer into the overseas journey of a coffee bean shipment, and know that ethical practices and fair wages are behind their morning cup. 

Metals & Materials

A movement to expose and offer alternatives to conflict diamonds has been ongoing for decades. In parts of Africa, sales from diamond mines fund armed conflicts. In these and other parts of the continent, miners who do the labor of manually digging gems are young enough to be in middle school.

Diamonds are an $80 billion industry. Viewed from the vantage point of the overseas buyer, these supply chains are shrouded in mystery. Lithium, cobalt, and other materials foundational to meeting vital renewable energy goals have similar problems. 

The Topl Blockchain can tell these stories, exposing mining conditions. The diamond purveyor LuDeim, for instance, sells only conflict-free diamonds that have been removed from the earth sustainably. LuDeim traces each diamond’s journey from the beginning, when the stone is freed from the soil to when it is fit into a ring. This complete traceability shows that all involved miners, distributors, and retailers participate in a sustainable and ethical process the whole way, from mine to marriage. 

Energy & Sustainability

Nearly all recent increases in greenhouse gases have been a result of human activity. Energy — or more precisely, misusing energy — is the primary way we cause climate change. One of Topl’s core missions is to counter this trend through the Topl Blockchain.

The Topl Blockchain consumes 10 million times less energy than first and second generation blockchains that use proof-of-work mechanisms. A low-energy approach unlocks the functions of an impact-focused blockchain while honoring the planet.

Topl also pursues this mission indirectly: by equipping organizations to improve their practices, maximize their impact, and show they are operating with global sustainability in mind.

Additionally, Topl is the process of partnering with Xpansiv, a global market for ESG-inclusive commodities, to provide tracing that helps participants value commodities like carbon, energy, and water. 

Supply Chain & Logistics

The Topl Blockchain makes supply chains more efficient and more intelligent by making data more transparent, resistant to tampering, and interoperable.

Through integrating smart assets, the Topl Blockchain can upgrade supply chains and logistics operations with new capabilities. More broadly, companies offering advanced supply chain solutions can partner with Topl, boosting their processes with a new tier of tools.

For example, the IOT supply chain solution provider TrackX has layered its software with the Topl Blockchain. Together, the two complementary technologies provide tracking and tracing that is completely transparent, sustainable, efficient, and verifiable. Customers can verify data more affordably, and proving ESG claims becomes easy. 

Pharma & Healthcare

During the COVID-19 pandemic, news broke about essential medical supplies left out of cold storage. Vaccines. Testing kits. Vital supplies gone to waste, and with them the chance to keep more people healthy. Supply chain accidents are inevitable. Nevertheless, in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries product integrity is paramount. 

Supply chain hazards are common in these fields, including, for example counterfeit products. Additionally, 40% of drugs are imported, and so are 80% of ingredients used to make domestic drugs. Medical products have been a challenge to track, but not any longer. The Topl Blockchain can reveal the true manufacturing origins and whole supply-chain journey of pharmaceutical and healthcare goods. 

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Topl Blockchain powered Cold Chain, a software developed by Media Sourcery, Inc. to facilitate the manufacturer-to-lab journey of COVID-19 testing kits. Time, temperature, user, event type, and other data about each kit was added to the blockchain. With just mobile devices, all involved parties could confirm that the proper conditions had been met each step of the way. 

The Topl Blockchain can be used to prove the integrity of tests beyond COVID-19, and the integrity of medical products more broadly.

Fashion & Beauty

Unfortunately, many goods that we perceive to be beautiful are produced in ugly ways. At some overseas manufacturers, workers can toil for 16-plus hours a day for cents an hour. 

These conditions are brutal for the workers who endure them. Many businesses and consumers later in the supply chain avoid fashion and beauty products that begin in overseas sweatshops. From a business standpoint, unexpected crackdowns by foreign governments can sever supply chains, leaving brands without product for months. 

The Topl Blockchain can open a digital window into faraway factory conditions. When assets like fabric and shirts are added to the blockchain beginning at the factory, parties can be sure even from across oceans that they are avoiding factories that commit labor abuses.  

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