Company Summary

At Topl, we believe innovation should extend beyond technology and product, permeating every aspect of our business.
​​We contend that well-reasoned design thinking has a role to play in everything from corporate structuring to work culture.
Beyond our external efforts, Topl is internally oriented around three statements. We commit ourselves to be constantly, unapologetically creative and original. We believe our goals should be deeply rooted in a community that shares our vision. We challenge each member of our team to see themself as an integral part of Topl’s mission.
In late 2017, after a great deal of exploration, we incorporated Topl in the Netherlands, whose thoughtful and deliberate approach to regulation makes it friendly and inviting to startups and innovation. Our office in Maastricht is just a short train-ride away from London, Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris, and Berlin.
Back in the US, we completed a similar quest for Topl’s American HQ. Many tech start ups move to the Bay Area because “that’s where startups go,” but instead of shackling ourselves to convention, we chose Houston, Texas as home for our engineering team. Topl’s senior leadership —all Rice University alumni— decided that being in America’s most diverse city during its social and economic renaissance was unequivocally the right choice.
To build a team fully invested in a shared mission, and not just a group of employees clocking in and out, Topl redefined the word “co-founder.” While a co-founder is often understood as someone around at the moment of a startup’s inception, we believe the role is better understood by examining someone’s commitment and dedication to the enormous uncertainty and sacrifices of a startup journey. By inviting each member of our team to reimagine the employee-founder distinction, Topl has discovered the power of a team that is never afraid to take risks, speak up, and go the extra mile.