Meet the Topl Team

We are a diverse group of professionals who share a passion for technology, unconventional thinking, and positive impact.

About us

James, Kim and I met in a statistics class at Rice University. Our shared interest in socio-economic problems, computational analysis, and technology led to our first discussions, but our shared passion for challenging the status quo to make the world better made us a team. In 2017, we formally established Topl, and haven't looked back since.

Chris Georgen - Chief Architect

Not your Typical Tech Company

Since that statistics class, the Topl team has grown from three to over twenty. We are dynamic, multicultural, and interdisciplinary, with a range of experiences and perspectives. Our diverse team allows us the ability to creatively solve problems and ensure the best application of Topl’s solution across boundaries, borders, and markets. Each member of the team lives our core values, and shares the common desire to use technology to connect and improve the world.


Languages Spoken


Female Team Members


Countries of origin

Kim Raath, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

Chris Georgen

Founder & Chief Architect

James Aman, Ph.D.

Founder & CTO

Timothy Marx


Hillary Adler

Director of Marketing

Aaron Schutza

Director of Research

Jackie Nguyen

Director of Finance & Corporate Development

Erin Murphy

Director of Product Growth

Sander Reuderink

Director of Business Development

Raúl Aragonez

Director of Engineering, Infrastructure

Sean Cheatham

Senior Blockchain Engineer

Anna McGuffee

Chief of Staff

Nick Edmonds

Blockchain Engineer

Chris Malloy

Senior Content Manager

Jingfei Zhou

Junior Blockchain Engineer

Branden Vennes

Junior Blockchain Engineer

Sterling Wells

Developer Experience Engineer

Enrique Berrios

Junior Infrastructure Engineer

Mustafa Ali

Junior Infrastructure Engineer

Angelica Hachiya

UX/UI Designer

Kelvin Kitika

Infrastructure Engineer

Ankita Bhattacharjee

Business Development Intern

Izzy Adler

Chief Barketing Officer

Brooklyn Pham

Chief Fetch Officer

Our Growing Ecosystem

Board Directors

Samantha Lewis
Manolo Sánchez
Steven Harris
Blair Garrou


Dr. Thomas Bocek

Technical Research

Chris Jarvis

Strategic ESG and CSR

Dr. Katherine Ensor

Statistical Research

Yassin Mobarak

Strategic Blockchain

Sanjai Bishnoi, Ph.d.

Strategic Corporate Structuring

Don Kendall

Strategic Clean Energy

Max Lautenschläger

Strategic Blockchain

Matthew Kindy

Network Security

Dr. John Dobelman

Market Research

Dr. Gary Milante

Economic Research

Let's work together

We’re looking to expand our team with individuals passionate about new technologies, positive impact, and unconventional thinking.

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