Case Studies

Topl has collaborated with a multitude of partners to power impact projects. Our industry focuses are Agriculture, Metals & Materials, Energy & Sustainability, Pharma & Healthcare, Fashion & Beauty, and Supply Chain & Logistics. We are already powering several platforms to track and trace nutmeg, diamonds, and coffee from source to sale.

Don't fall into one of these markets? No problem. We can still find a solution that is right for your project. We envision Topl-powered impact projects reaching into various other fields - from charitable donations to waste recycling and much more. If you are changing the world, we'll help you prove it. Explore the Topl-powered projects below and discover what a technology built for impact can do!

Conflict Free Diamonds

LuDeim's traceability platform allows mines, distributors, and retailers to securely and efficiently capture and highlight the full ethical and sustainable journeys of their products, from mine to marriage.

Nutmeg & Coffee Traceabilty

FairFood is a Dutch NGO working with agri-food brands to measure and extend the positive impact such brands can have on the livelihoods of the farmers from whom they directly or indirectly purchase.‍

Ethical Chocolate

Right Origins is using the Topl Blockchain to transparently trace chocolate through the supply chain and connect farmer cooperatives with international brands. Their key mission is for farmers to have co-ownership in the products they help produce. Right Origins shares 80% of profits with farmers, resulting in up to 5 times more income to farmers than fairly traded products.

COVID-19 Test Kits

During the COVID-19 pandemic, medical supplies were left out of the freezer on a few occasions, spoiling them. As a result, Topl collaborated on the Media Sourcery Inc. solution, Cold Chain. A software solution built to track COVID-19 tests on their journey from manufacturer to patient. The goal? Provide proof that tests had been handled right — and still worked.