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Topl has collaborated with a multitude of partners to power impact projects. Our primary focuses are Food & Fashion, Precious Gems & Metals, Alternative Finance, and Carbon & Impact Credits. We have already built and powered several supply chain platforms to track and trace nutmeg, diamonds, and coffee from source to sale.

Food & Fashion

Food & FAshion
Precious Gems & Metals

Precious Gems & Metals

ALternative Finance

Alternative Finance

Carbon & Impact Credits

Carbon & Impact Credits

Don't fall into one of these markets? No problem. We can still find a solution that is right for your project. We envision Topl-powered impact projects reaching into various other fields - from charitable donations to waste recycling and much more. If you are changing the world, we'll help you prove it. Explore the Topl-powered projects below and discover what a technology built for impact can do!

Case Studies

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