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Topl is not just a technology. It's an ecosystem.


Our Core Values


Our driving purpose is to change the world for the better. Being purpose-driven isn’t just empty talk to us; Topl is purposeful in everything we do. Who we hire, what businesses we choose to work with, and every decision we make must be aligned with our main purpose. Using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a guide, Topl analyzes every decision with the biggest impact in mind.


There isn’t one specific way we make decisions or solve problems. We are a team of unconventional thinkers that believe the best way to address problems is from every direction. The best solutions come from a diversity of perspective, collaboration and not putting our self-worth in our ideas alone.


Topl is built transparently. We are a public, permissionless technology for a reason. We try to provide clarity and transparency in every decision we make.


Some may call this commitment, but we think it’s more than that. It’s a firm determination on the part of every team member to change the way the world views impact. Accomplishing that goal is a mighty task and takes courage as well as commitment. It takes resolve.


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IN The Press

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