Welcome to Topl.

The Blockchain Built
for Good

Welcome to Topl.

The Blockchain Built for Good

Decentralized protocol designed to unlock the next wave of inclusive, sustainable innovation across supply chains and markets.

Meet the Topl Blockchain

Transparent yet secure, scalable yet flexible, affordable and 10 million times more energy-efficient than early blockchains, the Topl Blockchain is the ultimate tool for maximizing the value of impact. 
How does the Topl Blockchain maximize impact?
Provides comprehensive tracking and tracing
Keeps an immutable record for proving claims
Enhances certification systems across industries
Compiles data for telling and selling better stories
Enables tokenization and the use of smart assets
Creates new markets for impact investments

What is Topl? 

Topl is an impact technology economy changing the way the world does business. Why? The big problems of today call for big solutions. We empower corporations, startups, and nonprofits to unlock the value of their positive global impact. Our secret sauce? The Topl Blockchain, the world’s first blockchain built for impact tracking, tokenization, and transaction.

What’s on the far side of digital and sustainable transformation? 

New data capture techniques. New storytelling capabilities. New smart assets and digitalization. New markets. Even new economies built on the Topl blockchain. Topl is the world's premiere impact monetization engine.

What is Impact? 

Actions that change the world for the better have impact. 

Actions that advance ESG efforts, solutions to global crises, and the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals have impact. 

More and more businesses are working toward a sustainable future. The emergence of flexible tools that do things unimaginable five years ago has made having impact more efficient, more economical, and more effective.

We are at the beginning of an impact revolution. 

Helping a coffee or cocoa farmer earn a living wage
Tracking COVID-19 tests, ensuring they stay cold in their journey to patients 
Opening a window into diamond supply chains, offering proof that stones are conflict-free
Enabling seamless carbon capture, allowing businesses to transact in growing markets while giving back to the earth

How can the Topl Blockchain expand your impact?

By monetizing impact

Example of Monetizing Impact: Carbon

How carbon might be tracked, tokenized, and transacted using the Topl Blockchain illustrates just one case of monetizing impact. Already, the global carbon market has exceeded $270 billion. Entering this promising new market comes with a decisive chance to mitigate climate change

Topl is implementing a three-phase approach to monetizing impact. Using the Topl Blockchain, groups will be able to have impact in smarter, more complete ways. 

1. Tracking Impact
A farmer plants carbon-capturing cover crops over 100 acres, the carbon removal is tracked by the Topl Blockchain. Now, a secure log exists for turning the captured carbon into carbon credits.
2.  Tokenizing Impact
Worth up to $20 an acre at market price, carbon credits can be standardized through tokenization using the Topl Blockchain. Now, impact worth $2,000 is converted into a digital asset. 
3. Transacting Impact
Finally, $2,000 in tokenized carbon credits can be traded on a carbon market, perhaps to a buyer looking to offset carbon emissions. Both parties win. So does the planet. 

Why Topl? 

Topl developed the first blockchain designed for impact
Topl created the necessary tools for the Topl blockchain to be interoperable with a wide range of existing platform and apps
Topl empowers value chain actors with data sovereignty and external parties with inexpensive ways to verify relevant data
Topl enables the creation of new digital asset types, new virtual markets, and new borderless impact economies
Topl is dedicated to helping you change the world 
Case Studies

COVID-19 Test Kits

You probably saw. During the COVID-19 pandemic, medical supplies were left out of the freezer on a few occasions, spoiling them. As a result, Topl collaborated on the Media Sourcery Inc. solution, Cold Chain. A software solution built to track COVID-19 tests on their journey from manufacturer to patient. The goal? Provide proof that tests had been handled right — and still worked. 
The Topl Blockchain monitored time, temperature, and other data points. These could be used to prove COVID-19 tests had stayed below 20°C.
Using just a phone, manufacturers and patients could see the journey of tests at each step.
Secure, transparent, accessible data let all parties, including many in need, know COVID-19 tests would work as intended.

You change the world.

We prove it.
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